74ze Engineering's world-class development team will work with you to take your product from concept through implementation and bring-up in the lab. Whether working from your specification or one which we develop with you, 74ze Engineering will::

    • Define the high-level architecture
    • Set up tools and infrastructure
    • Model the architecture in a high-level language
    • Code an optimal HDL implementation in synthesizable SystemVerilog or VHDL
    • Integrate necessary IP cores
    • Develop and code DSP algorithms
    • Assist the verification team
    • Perform synthesis, timing analysis
    • Insert DFT-Scan, BIST, and ATPG
    • Accurately transfer your ideas from specification to silicon

Our qualified engineers are experts in the use of EDA tool suites by Aldec, Cadence, Mentor, and Synopsys. With excellent design practices, we have targeted products to a range of process technologies, libraries, and foundries. When you engage the 74ze Engineering team, you are placing your project in the hands of a highly skilled team with a proven track record.

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