74ze Engineering will join your develop efforts at a specific stage and deliver you to your next milestone, or provide a turnkey solution. Engage the domain knowledge of our seasoned professionals to provide the perfect complement to your current development resources. We will meet you at:

Chip Architecture Development

Provided with the functional and performance requirements, 74ze Engineering will work closely with you to:

    • develop the chip architecture
    • create a high-level data-accurate software model and testbench
    • perform bench-marking analysis
    • draft a specification and fine-tune it based on benchmark results

We will continue on to the micro-architecture stage, partitioning the design, specifying the structure, sub-blocks, and dataflow, and developing lower-level testbenches, as required. During this stage we will determine critical paths and corner cases.

RTL and Netlist Development

Picking a design up from the micro-architecture level, 74ze Engineering will code an optimal RTL implementation of your design, incorporating a chosen DFT strategy. We are experienced in scan insertion, JTAG, BIST, and ATPG. Although we specialize in SystemVerilog, we have a solid background in VHDL as well. We will qualify the design with DRC and linting.


Commissioning 74ze Engineering with your IC verification will typically begin with a study of your architecture documents and our development or critique of your test plan. 74ze Engineering will develop a cycle-accurate reference model with a high-level language and create a self-checking testbench to meet your verification requirements. Within the framework of the testbench, the cycle-accurate reference model will be used to verify the functionality, timing, performance, and structure of the RTL as well as to develop and refine test cases. As needed, module-level testbenches will be created for modules which require more stringent verification. Similarly, bus functional models will be integrated and written as required. We will develop a suite of functional tests and directed-random tests and package them to automate regression testing.
Our verification team works intimately with the design team to debug both tests and the hardware implementation. We will work equally as intimately with the software team to perform software co-verification throughout the development cycle.

Turnkey IC Development

Taking full-advantage of the breadth of 74ze Engineering's silicon experience, we will take your product from architecture through RTL coding, design-for-test, verification, synthesis, gate-level simulation, floor-planning, place and route, formal verification, and test vector generation. We will incorporate any third-party IP required and utilize our tools expertise for whichever family of tools is necessary. We will then assure a smooth transition to your chosen manufacturing house and walk the chip through production until it has been packaged, delivered, and brought-up in the lab.

FPGA Development

774ze Engineering will prototype your ASIC on an FPGA or re-target your FPGA to another family of programmable devices. We will also perform functional verification.

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