Proficient with the latest programmable logic development suites from Xilinx, Altera, and Actel, our seasoned team offers the following services:
    • ASIC/SoC prototyping on an FPGA
    • Optimization or modification of an existing design for the targeted FPGA
    • Development of custom IP modules
    • Integration of IP blocks
    • Partitioning of a design over multiple FPGAs
    • Verification methodology development and design verification
    • Successful execution of your programmable logic development

An integral facet of our programmable logic prototyping typically includes complex high-speed reference board development. Our qualified team of engineers in North America and Europe leverages our domain expertise in microprocessor, DSP, networking, and telecommunications to deliver full-custom and semi-custom boards incorporating multiple programmable logic devices.

Our programmable logic expertise includes:
    • Xilinx, Altera, and Actel families
    • Multi-clock domain designs
    • High-speed designs
    • PLL and DLL usage
    • Bus Interfaces including USB, PCI, Ethernet
    • Memory Interfaces including SDRAM, Flash-cards
    • Operating voltages from 5V to 1.8V

Our reference board design services include:
    • Board Design and Creation
    • Board Place & Route and Layout
    • Board bring-up, analysis, and verification
    • System Creation

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