74ze Engineering Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to Privacy

74ze Engineering is committed to maintaining your privacy. The confidentiality, integrity, and security of information about our current and prospective clients are paramount to our success. We are proud of this trait of our corporate philosophy and want to share with you information about how we collect and protect information. Our information management processes are reviewed and refined on a regular basis. Your suggestions are always welcome.

How and Why We Obtain Information

We obtain information about you from

    • exchanges with you and your representatives
    • public sources, such as the internet
    • private sources, such as information services and reporting agencies

We use information about you to

    • provide you with the superior service that you expect
    • to improve our service offerings and client support
    • to fulfill legal and regulatory requirements

How We Protect Your Information

74ze Engineering has always held protection of your information to be one of our core business practices. Utilizing extensive physical, electronic, and procedural controls, we restrict access to confidential information both within 74ze as well as among our partners. Electronically, firewall, encryption, and authentication technologies are only some of the ways in which we safeguard your information. Ample use of non-disclosure agreements, tight security, and a commitment to pursue any breaches or leaks with full prosecution in any jurisdiction are some of the non-electronic ways we are committed to your privacy.

Our Website

The 74ze Engineering website is structured so that you can visit us on the internet without revealing any personal information.

You may decide to provide us with or request information to help us serve your needs and in general improve our customer service. This may be by contacting us via email or a web form. Any personal information received will be used solely for the purpose indicated. 74ze Engineering will not sell your personal information to others. Without your permission or as required by law, we will only share the information you provide with other 74ze Engineering entities and business partners who are also acting to serve you. Such 74ze Engineering entities and business partners are governed by our privacy policies or similarly stringent policies.

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