About Us


Pronounced – “Seventy-four Z”
While we have a few reasons for our name, here is one.

          7400 series logic - a basic building block of our industry sector
          z – Tri-stated*. Ready to be driven.
          e – engineering. Yes, it is redundant when coupled with our legal name “74ze Engineering, Inc.” But, built-in redundancy is a good thing.

*Tri-state is a registered trademark of National Semiconductor

What our name can’t convey to a new acquaintance…

Being a top-tier contract firm means having integrity, having the top specialists, and being dedicated to the projects you undertake. We build lasting relationships with our clients based on solid communication and fast turn-around times. We believe our customers are the best sales force we can have and treat them as such. Customer references are invaluable in generating new business, but those customers more importantly serve as our foundation and reality-check.
We believe that with the advance of CAD tools and technology processes, the implementation of designs is becoming more routine and the future of development is even more focused, on a higher level - on architecture and on a lower level - on process. Our development services allow clients to focus on the key aspects of their business: the idea, the architecture, and the product introduction to the marketplace.
We are committed to a solid development methodology, from signal naming convention to coding style to client-contractor communication. Our aim is to provide quality and consistent results, so that you turn to us again and again.

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